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Please note we have been undertaking finlock removal for many many years with zero complaints to Trading standards or other bodies.And in that time we have always traded with the same name, we have never been a phoenix company.

We do NOT cold call or send or bombard you with  leaflets. If you reply to a cold call you WILL NOT HAVE the full protection of trading standards, unlike if you have rung and made an appointment with a trader.

We cannot offer £1000.00p discounts as we dont over charge in the first instance, we cant work for nothing, we DONT need show houses as we undertake so many they are never far away from you to look.

We can also arrange for the disposal of ASBESTOS, and if we do BY LAW YOU MUST HAVE A CERTIFICATE OF SAFE DISPOSAL from the company removing it, if you dont and it can be traced back to you , im afraid you are fully liable, as without the certificate it has most likely been fly tipped as NO tradesman can remove it for you it has to be a registered asbestos removal company.

Teh strongest peice of advise is to NOT fit liners they DO NOT WORK LONG TERM, AS PHOTO EPDM LINERS FITTED 3 YEARS AGO, we removed these, MONEY WELL SPENT.2.jpg

Please note Health & Safety law does require an access system most suited for purpose, EASYDEC SYSTEMS ARE RATED AT MAX 600 Kg  are ideal for painting or light works but ARE NOT the best suited for heavy duty works like removing concrete gutter sections, so if there was an accident on your house YOU MAY BE LIABLE. Companies who use this  system are quite simply cowboy outfits no matter what they say or how convincing the website, normally they change the trading name every couple of years always do your research.

Please note we fully use dust supression systems which will ensure Health & Safety is followed, and of course keep the dust from adjoining houses and park cars etc. It cannot be dust free of course but we care some do not.

Most important advice, please dont throw away money on lining it DOES NOT work.


Please be aware that if you have attached gutters to adjacent houses it is most important to inform the neighbours in writing of the intention of works, (PARTY WALL ACT).This is of the most importance.

We carefully cut off existing concrete gutter sections being very carefull not to use force removing them, as can be seen in some company videos where extreme force is used, using the windows to lever on etc, once removed we fit a treated timber flush to the cut off Finlocks and wall and are fixed using concrete fixing bolts to a depth of 150mm this guarantees no future movement and will carry the tile load etc. We DO NOT EXTEND RAFTER LEGS AS THIS IN OUR OPINION IS NOT SUITABLE FOR THE HEAVY LOADS OVER TIME BEARING DOWN ON A FEW NAILS HOLDING THE EXTENDED LEGS.

We then fix all plastics please note you will see no nails apart from box ends, it does not have to look riveted with nails everywhere. We then fit your new gutters.

Please note we only fit DEEPFLOW GUTTERS, which carry nearly twice as much water than standard 4" gutters (WHICH SHOULD NEVER BE FITTED).


Finlock gutters are made from concrete sections and shaped concrete liners. (Please check diagram below)There are thousands and thousands of houses all over the country that have them fitted. If you are unlucky to own a house that has them fitted then you are fully aware of the problems with them, mainly leaking which can seep into the rooms. You may also have black stains around the walls near the ceiling which is called cold bridging.

You may have already spent hundreds of pounds repairing them, which will buy you time but it wont cure the problem as normally houses with these are normally in a row, and maybe the house each side will not maintain theirs which makes any repair to yours pointless.

 So why put up with it, once there gone, there gone FOREVER, and your house will look like it should, new upvc fascias and gutters, so you dont even need to paint in the future. And of course the black marks on the internal walls can be cleaned and will never return.

We do NOT extend the rafter legs or put in insulation as it is NOT needed as once the extended concrete has been removed nothing is left exposed or getting wet as before so insulation is pointless. Also when exteded legs are fitted they are held in place by a couple of wood srews or nails which over time will fail with the tiles resting on them, please dont be fooled about the insulation as the works MUST be fully vented at this point making any insulation useless.4.jpg

There are pictures in our gallery section showing before removal and after there gone, we will be adding more soon.

The process of the removal of the concrete finlock guttering is simple if carried out correctly. It's not a long procedure (approximately two days) per household. But there are certain issues that need to be addressed, the first being safety.
The removal of concrete finlock guttering is heavy, dirty and if not carried out by a specialist team of professionals could be dangerous due to the large sections of concrete that have to be taken away.Safety First.jpgWe DONT use this.

Thats why S. F. Roofing won't cut corners or take chances. We only employ fully insured, certified and trusted tradesmen to erect a safe 5 plank with handrails working platform, unlike other so called companies who use aluminium quickform or easydeck platforms, LIKE ABOVE PHOTO,which are what they say (quick and easy)and very very cheap, but are not suited to removal of concrete finlock guttering, so don't take the chance and let it be your property that somebody gets hurt!

Please take note that if somone does get hurt by failing to use the most safest access you could be liable for allowing it on your proberty.



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