uPVC Fascias & Sofits


S.F. Roofing has been undertaking the fitting and removal of gutters and fascias over many years, and we have hundreds of satisfied customers.

Your roofline is quite an important part of your home, firstly it is what people first see and it if fitted and working correctly performs a very important role and will enhance your home.

We NEVER cap over your existing timber fascias as this is the mark of a true cowboy, yes cheaper but it will not last as once fitted over your original timber will rot as this was never treated only painted and will sweat.

We will also use a full scaffold to allow for safe working and easy access to these points, again some tradesman will work off ladders, but they normally cap-over, you will get what you pay for. Please don’t be fooled by the instant enhancement, it is far best that it lasts for many  years rather than a quick fix.

We treat your home with all the care and respect you would, and should expect from your tradesman.

All ventilation which is required under current building regulations is fitted, we prefer to fit over fascia vent systems which remain unseen as the soffit type looks ok for a while but after a few years will look dirty and will not look quite the same as when first fitted. We also fit Bird stop and felt support to pick up your existing felt which will be rotten at this point ensuring it all works correctly., again this point is normally overlooked by the cap-over cowboys, (why fit, it was never vented before and no problems they say). Apart from making them cheaper it will not conform to building regulations.

We only use top quality products, Swish, Flowplas etc. And fit in a vast range of colours and styles. Where we can we hide all nailing to avoid the riveted look.

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